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Raising a multilingual child

Multilingualism is the use of two or more languages by a person or the society at large. “A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini. This quote says a great deal about the importance of knowing multiple languages in a few words. Starting early A child is born to learn and absorb […]

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What to Ask about a School

Make certain to visit every one of the schools on your list, if you can. A visit is the most ideal approach to decide which school is best for your child. Indeed, even a short visit will enable you to recognize a school’s qualities and difficulties. It’s additionally the best way to figure out a […]

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STEM Books

Stem Books On the off chance that you’ve been living under a stone, STEM and STEAM are hotly debated issues nowadays. In the cross-disciplinary convention of STEM and STEAM, these books motivate children to find out about science, nature, engineering, math and how they meet with the social and social world children engage with each […]

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Parents Need to Avoid these Mistakes

You’re a decent parent, I know you are. Because if you weren’t, you presumably wouldn’t stick around child rearing web journals like this one. You’re presumably not harsh, careless, or in the propensity for settling on child rearing decisions that could get you on the nightly news. You’re not an awful parent by any extent […]

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Make your Child Smarter

All children are born with same mental level but some of them grow up to be CEOs and some turn to be regular employees in life. So, what is the reason behind this different approach in life? As a parent, it depends upon the way you treat your child. If you make him realize in […]

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How to Make Homework Fun

Do your homework and I need to check it in the next three hours! If you say this to your child regarding his homework then believe me, it’s wrong and you are just compelling him to do a thing that can be done with love and this way it would be more fun, and your […]

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How to Communicate with your child

Being a parent has enormous duties and responsibilities, you need to be there for your children and may have to go through a lot. Parents spend most of their time talking to their children, yet some parents complain that they cannot communicate well with their child. Sometimes we get ourselves stuck in control battles, yet […]

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Helping Children Get Along with Other

One of the most important goals of early childhood education is the development of a child’s social aptitude- their ability to get along with others. Even at an early age, a child needs to learn how to approach other children, engage with them and communicate effectively. Research indicates that children who can develop and maintain […]

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